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Yearly Archives: 2004

Wawel Castle

Wawel Hill in Krakow, the mecca of every Pole and a must for foreign tourists, is a microcosm of Polish history and culture. From the 11th century on Poland`s monarchs took up their residence here in the Royal Castle. And they were both crowned and buried here, in the Wawel Cathedral where later on Polish national heroes have also been laid to rest since the 19th century. The place not only overflows with priceless art treasures, architectural beauties, relics of the past and curiosities. It is also full of glory, magic, history and fable


The red triumph

Considered a historic match for the Albanians, the soccer game against Greece, the 2004 European Champion, had great importance. The score of the game was 2 to 1, for Albania. This was a bitter surprise for the European champions, who were very easily defeated in Tirana. Albanian fans from all over the world celebrated this victory. As a result of the festivities of the Albanian immigrants in Greece, there were numerous violent conflicts with the police, injuries and even the murder of Gezim Palushi, an immigrant, who was stabbed by a Greek. The images were taken during the game and the victory festivities in Tirana



Athens prior to olympics games in 2004. Athens is the cultural, industrial and political center of modern Greece.
The city of Athens has several other noteworthy sites such as the National Gardens, the Parliament House, and the Panathenaikon Stadium — which was built in 330 BC for the Greater Panathenaic Festival and rebuilt centuries later to accommodate the first modern Olympic Games held in 1896..The many museums, monuments, and scenic viewpoints in present-day Athens evoke memories of the masters of art, architecture, philosophy, and drama who once walked its streets and who have made such important contributions to Western civilization. This is a presentation of the quiet market shops and pedestrians in the city