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Yearly Archives: 2007

Cemetery of the Fallen

Cemetery of Albanian partisans fallen in battle during the Second World War. Each year, on 29 September, in Tirana is commemorated the Albanian national liberation day. This tradition has been followed by their relatives since the  end of the war.  Relatives of the fallen commemorate those who had somehow been forgotten from the communist regime. The actual government takes care and pays attributes to them on the national day, but politics is divided in two parts in an absurd debate for the date of Albania’s Liberation Day. The Democratic Party commemorates on 28 of November and the Socialist Party is convinced that the liberation date is 29 November. Both bringing loneliness to the fallen in war

First Albanian Fashion Week

Albanian fashion week has been very weak through years. In beginning of May 2007, for the first time ever few Albanian fashion designers such as Rezarta Skifteri, Anila Zajmi, Enada at Nikolles, or Ardi Asllani  tried to regroup together and create the so called Albanian Fashion Week. On the 14 May 2007 the first day started with the only one designer Rezarta Skifteri. The others were resigned for different reasons. Thus this week was not complete. That was a good occasion for Albanian models that wanted to promote themselves, and trying to give a hand to the stylist to perform with the show.

Vets of Asti / Toscana Workshop Masterclass Wpph

Passion for animals, they are all made of it. This is the story of three vets from Asti, Roberta Terzuolo, Renzo Mangone and Gianstefano Filippone who share a passion and commitment towards animals. They dedicated their lives to them and live with the spirit of these creatures. Love is not something you can explain. Instinctively it finds its way to our heart and there is something unexplainable inside FOUR love.


Pilgrims in Saint Anthony of Padua

People from all religious backgrounds come to St. Anthony of Padua shrine in Lac, northern Albania, in a pilgrimage that one hopes to bring healing. For almost 50 years, religious beliefs were forbidden in Albania. No one was allowed to profess religion during Communism. No religious institutions were permitted. Albania was thus the first official atheist country in the world. That brief rule has reversed and crowds of Catholic faithful go there each June 12 to worship this holy place