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Yearly Archives: 2008


The social phenomenon of self-confinement due to self-justice continues to cause deep wounds in the Albanian society. This phenomenon is the bitter parenthesis of many critical issues, directly related to the non-functioning of the rule of law in the country; the absence of trust towards those and the paralysis of is institutions. Than, a sad caravan of serious troubles follows: a life in extreme poverty, acceptance of a pact with the death, and absence of the right to live. Such phenomena hurt deeply when children, innocent persons, have to pay. Children self-confinement, as one of the most rare phenomena of nowadays worldwide, represents a vicious, complex, and delicate circle where tradition with is myths, culture and inheritance darkens the hope


Kosovo declared the long awaited independence from Serbia on 17 February 2008. Since end of war, Kosovo has been administered by United Nations in their difficult process towards an independent and democratic country. United States, Turkey, Germany, Italy and many European Union countries welcomed the move hours after the self-declared independence, even as it was sharply condemned by Serbia, Russia, China and Spain. Supporters have welcomed the decree as an act of liberation, waited from Albanians since 1912. Independence has been a struggle that for much of the long history of occupation and brutalization of the Albanian people that lived in Kosovo. The new government assure minorities that they will protect their own identity and will make Kosovo a peaceful state of every one who lives in ethnic harmony.
A delicate process still to be proved in the future of historically disturbed Balkan.