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A Slow and Motionless Death

It has been ten years now that they live under a polluted patch of sky that hangs over Porto Romano, this way being victims of a silent curse. There are fifteen thousand residents who do not know the truth about the land being contaminated with lethal substances. They do not know where the suffering comes from, but they do what they can to prevent the Leather Factory from re-opening. In the meantime, they continue to daily consume this poison, which will soon develop into a cancer, through the air, the water and the milk. There is evidence of about twenty thousand ton of toxic waste in the territory of the factory located in Porto Romano. The environmental problems are mainly attributed to the contamination of the land with lindane and 6-valence chrome. This has caused a realistic threat of life, especially in children who are in daily contact with the contaminated air, while their homes are turning the color of lindane. The residents have various health issues, and lately they have requested medical assistance due to problems with their lungs, eyes, and throats, while at the same time there are various noted cases of problems with their skin


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